Helpful Tips to Help You With Your Heating and Cooling Needs

Repair Or Replace

Older furnaces are, unsurprisingly, less efficient. The average lifespan of a furnace is about 20 years. Depending on how much fuel your furnace wastes, you can calculate how much money you’re unnecessarily spending every month. The AFUE number describes the percentage of fuel consumed and how much is wasted. If you don’t know your furnace’s AFUE rating, you can call the manufacturer with your serial number to find out. The significantly lower energy bills that come with a newer, more efficient furnace can help you recoup the expense of replacing your system.

Helpful Tips to help you with your heating and cooling needs. | Canadian Clean Air Services

The EPA recommends that you replace your air conditioner if it’s over 10 years old. A newer system will operate more efficiently and, in turn, can save you money on your energy bill.

It might be time for a replacement of your old system:

  • Needs frequent repairs
  • Makes lots of noise
  • Scores below five on the EPA’s home assessment

Whether you decide to repair or replace, your trusted Canadian Clean Air Services Carrier® expert can help.

Annual Air Conditioner & Furnace Maintenance Services in Edmonton

Today’s furnaces and air conditioners are much more efficient than those of years past. High efficient equipment requires complex controls and sensors. As like anything else with many intricate parts maintenance and cleaning is the key to keep your system running at peak performance. Annually maintaining your equipment will not only help ensure proper operation but will also give you a peace of mind your family deserves.

Helpful Tips to help you with your heating and cooling needs. | Canadian Clean Air Services

Furnace Manufacturers recommend that you complete an Annual Service and Safety Inspection on your equipment. To keep your warranty valid both with Canadian Clean Air Service and with Carrier you are required to do a service and safety check at least every two years.

As part of our 32 point inspection, our technician will check for any potentially dangerous gas and carbon monoxide leaks in the home. They will also check for parts that may potentially fail and replace them at that time. This can help avoid a potential system failure later in the year. As part of our annual inspection, we also inspect the humidifier and water heater.

Your Air Conditioner

Spring is coming, keep these simple points in mind for when you first start up your air conditioner. The quicker a problem can be repaired, the fewer complications we will face.

Here are 5 signs your AC unit needs repair

  • Air is just not cool anymore
  • Airflow is weak
  • Thermostat problem – not all rooms are being cooled
  • Leakage – call us RIGHT AWAY! Could be toxic!
  • Noisy & Smelly – both can lead to pricey repairs

“Reliable Service at a Reasonable rate”

Our company motto is a core value that all Canadian Clean Air Service Personal common.

“Reliable Service at a Reasonable Rate”

You work hard for the things that you have and this deserves to it treated with respect. For this reason our technicians wear floor savers to protect the floors in your home from outside debris and matter.

Our safety program ensures our commitment to you. You can rest assured that all personnel entering your home have extensive technical training to identify your service needs quickly. Ongoing training ensures we stay current which the rapid changes in our industry.

We believe in having our clients know the cost of any repair up front with our upfront pricing guide. All repairs come with our 100 % client satisfaction guarantee, if you’re not 100% satisfied with the service that has been provided we will refund all of your money. With this benchmark guarantee, you will receive the right service every time.

Helpful Tips to help you with your heating and cooling needs. | Canadian Clean Air Services

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